Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant (JC25)

This mobile jaw crusher crusher is used in situations where hard rock material, no larger than 125mm, needs to be crushed down to size in preparation for secondary crushing and mineral liberation. Using a robust and modular jaw crusher design, this plant crushes hard rock efficiently and effectively. It is a simple to use, portable piece of mining equipment.  The Jaw Crusher is powered by either an electric or diesel motor, meaning that it can be used in remote mining areas where power supply is limited or unavailable. 
Hard rock jaw crushing begins when the hard rock material is fed by hand into the feed launder, and is then crushed down. The crushed rock is passed out of the bottom of the crusher, where it is stored and can be manually fed into a secondary crusher. APT recommend using the RDGK (a small-scale hard rock crusher plant) as the secondary crusher for optimal ease of use and effectiveness. The rock is manually fed into the RDGK, where it is further crushed down and passed via gravity into the integrated GoldKacha concentrator. Your concentrates are ready for final mineral liberation. We have several bulk mineral and gold upgrade modules available, suited to various budgets and requirements. 
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Mobile jaw crushing benefits

Designed in such a way that the bulk of the work-load is done by the plant, minimizing the knowledge required to run it effectively. On-site training & support is provided where required.

mobile jaw crusher benefits

An extremely robust and rugged crushing plant.

benefits of mobile jaw crushing plant

The JC25 is manufactured in-house, ensuring you fast delivery times while maintaining our high standards of quality.

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Throughput (tph)2-3
Feed Opening Size (mm)150x200
Motor Power (kW)5.5
CSS (mm)10-40

"MLI Mining utilize the APT groundbreaker range of equipment, the JC25, the JCRD15, and MKIII and MK IV GoldKacha concentrators. Installation, commissioning and production was achieved within 3 days of equipment arrival on site and with the assistance of APT technicians achieved full production of 30ft a day within 7 days. Gold recovery was achieved on day one. Utilization of the integrated system allowed consistent throughput with high recoveries at low costs, sufficient to give project confidence in up-scaling to the RG200 JCRD Combo plant which we hope to order in the near future" - Dr Steve Newbery | CEO, MLI Mining

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To learn more about our Groundbreaker range, including the JC25, please view our GroundBreaker flyer:

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