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Environmentally Conscious

APT prides itself on efforts to create mineral processing equipment that is effective beyond the scope of the current mining industry, and that is safe for the environment in which we work and mine. Focus is on gravity recovery processing plants, with innovative mercury free upgrade mining equipment and mercury remediation solutions. Where cyanidation processes must be employed, we have developed a more effective and environmentally safer plant that will produce the results you need.

Focused On Research & Development

Our in-house Research and Development Facility allows us to continuously improve upon pre-existing mining equipment and mineral processes and can create tried and tested mining products for diverse applications. This is not just research and development; it is where the future of our processing plants and your mining operation begins.

Trusted & Reliable Industry Leaders

APT mineral process plants are used in over 25 countries and are applied within varied systems and environments. The success behind this ingenuity lies within our employees. APT is made up of mining industry professionals with over 30 years of experience, coupled with an innovative think-tank that harnesses and develops the potential of university graduates. The APT team offers a fresh perspective and contribute greatly to the process design.

Training & Support Providers

We offer on-site mineral process plant training during the commissioning stage of our larger mining equipment. For our smaller processing plants within the GroundBreaker Division, public demonstrations with local miners are often held, showing not only how to use an APT processing plant, but also its efficiency and effectiveness in mineral recovery. All process plants come equipped with an Operations Manual for your perusal.

But This Is What Sets Us Apart

We Get It. We Give You A Purpose Designed Mineral Processing Solution To Make Your Mining Vision A Reality

APT view mining as a business and, as such, we supply mineral processing solutions which take into account all of the steps required to establish a profitable mine. In fact, the supply of the equipment is just one of the final steps. We are there for you right through the process, to give you our full attention and knowledge in performing your mineral testwork, establishing the most suitable equipment for your site, and optimizing the use of the mining equipment supplied. Our roots are with start-up mines (large and small), with plants designed to promote expansion and growth, lowering risk and increasing profits. This allows for you to “Let Your Project Fund Itself”, meaning that you can begin with limited or even without external investment, and grow your project through self-funding. What you really need is people who get it; people who understand your requirements, have the knowledge to overcome the hurdles that come up along the way and are willing to stick it out until the end. That is who APT is, people who are driven by your will to begin a profitable mine, and achieving this goal! The APT body of employees each contribute differently to make the mines we assist in establishing a success. Firstly, we have the industry professionals who have perfected their mining, processing and metallurgical talents over the years and become known for their extensive knowledge and unique approach to tackling the industry. You can see this for yourself in our Articles, mostly written by our CEO, Mr K. Peacocke. Our Group Chairman Mr K. Rayner has a reputation for his smarts and problem-solving abilities, standing on the Board Of Directors for several companies worldwide. Our University graduates provide for an up-to-date technical perspective and fresh ideas, helping to challenge what was, and create what is. Technical smarts aside, we then have the heavy lifters who make our mining visions a reality. They make the concept plant into a real plant, and this is where the vision of your mine really takes form. There is so much more to know about us, so we encourage you to come into our offices based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our mining and mineral processing equipment can be used to extract many minerals, for instance gold, diamonds, tantalite, chrome, tungsten, tin and others. There are many stages that go into designing our plants, beginning with Research and Development. Socrates once stated “the highest form of human excellence is to question oneself and others”. This is the approach we take when designing new mining and business solutions. Our processing plants are designed to be modular and are pre-fabricated prior to shipping allowing for short mining equipment installation times on site, sometimes as little as four days. Mining is a business, and viability is enhanced not only by low capital, but also through ongoing low operational costs. APT plants are amongst the lowest cost-per-ounce available, as we are primarily concerned with minimizing start-up costs and mining equipment installation times. This applies to our full range of equipment, from as little as 3tph through to 250tph. The opportunity therefore exists to invest small and grow your project through internal funding; letting your mining project fund itself. Specialized mineral processing services are provided through our ISO9001:2015 certified laboratory of choice, Peacocke & Simpson. Testing is available for virtually any anticipated process. More specifically, regimes have been developed to test the suitability of the clients’ samples in any of the candidate APT plant types, affording a perfect match between requirement and solution. This is why we are the mining equipment supplier of choice, whether you are a small-scale miner, alluvial miner or large-scale mining operation.


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