Large-Scale Hard Rock Crusher Plant (JCRD)

The hard rock crusher solution! We developed the JCRD hard rock crusher plant specifically for crushing stone and gravity recovery of minerals in clean, hard rock ore bodies. The plant uses a 2-stage Jaw Crushing and RD Wet Impactor crushing circuit, followed by the required concentration modules such as a Knelson or Spirals circuit.

The JCRD combination leads to superior precious minerals liberation due to the combined impact crushing and grinding mechanisms. The RD can provide improved liberation at particle sizes courser than a ball mill for significantly lower capital and energy requirements.

Firstly, hard rock material is fed into the grizzly, where is is separated to size. It then goes via the conveyor to the JC, where material is then crushed to a smaller size and passed again on a conveyer to the RD, where final crushing occurs, turning rock to dust. From the RD, crushed material is fed into a Knelson Gravity Concentrator and the crusher liberated gold is recovered. The high quality concentrate produced is then run over the shaking table to produce a smeltable product.

As a standalone module, the JCRD hard rock crushing plants can be combined with an alluvial RG scrubbing plant to provide a complete solution for both alluvial and hard rock mineral recovery. These are referred to as "combo plants", a hard rock crushing and wash plant combination. 

These hard rock crusher plants come pre-packaged, pre-plumbed and pre-wired, with all the necessary components needed. These plants range from the ground-breaker size, through to larger-scale complete crushing and gravity recovery plants. These consist of crushing sections, milling sections and gravity towers for tonnages 5-100tph, which are effectively our “large scale crushing plants”. 

Mining equipment benefits

The JCRD is simple to use, highly efficient and effective.

Benefits of hard rock crushing

The JCRD offers a very simple straight through-flow system & there is no re-circulating loads. From mineral-bearing hard rock through to final concentrates in one neat, fuss-free package.

Hard Rock Crusher benefits

The JCRD is manufactured in-house, ensuring you fast delivery times while maintaining our high standards of quality.

Crush hard rock benefits

There is no need for screens as they are built in.

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Throughput (tph)4-58-10
Installed Power (kW)70120
Water Required (m3/h)820
Max Feed Size (mm)100150
Packing2x40ft + 1x20ft2x40ft + 1x20ft
Plant Footprint (m)25x926x10

"MLI Mining utilize the APT groundbreaker range of equipment, the Jaw Crusher JC25, the JCRD15, and MKIII and MK IV GoldKacha concentrators. Installation, commissioning and production was achieved within 3 days of equipment arrival on site and with the assistance of APT technicians achieved full production of 30ft a day within 7 days. Gold recovery was achieved on day one. Utilization of the integrated system allowed consistent throughput with high recoveries at low costs, sufficient to give project confidence in up-scaling to the RG200 JCRD Combo plant which we hope to order in the near future" - Dr Steve Newbery | CEO, MLI Mining

Coming soon.

To learn more about our larger scale Hard Rock Crusher Plant range, including the JCRD, please view our flyer here:

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Flowsheet: Bulk minerals plant, for chrome, tantalite, and tin but for ore with a hard rock component that requires crushing as well as the alluvial section

Flowsheet: Standard free gold plant with crushing circuit for Hard Rock.

Flowsheet: Standard free gold plant for clean, hard rock ore than does not require scrubbing to remove clay or fine material. JCRD50 and 120 size