Gold Concentrator – GoldKacha

The APT GoldKacha is a gravity mineral concentrator designed as part of the groundbreaker and exploration range. It is a complete processing solution and is especially suited to the recovery of precious metals from dump tailings, rubble beds & alluvial sands. It was developed especially for small mining applications and is ideal for gold prospecting. The novel centrifugal riffle principle results in high recovery of both coarse & fine precious metals, particularly fine gold recovery. In addition to the GoldKacha, APT have developed an automated and secure purge system, known as GoldiloxTM.
The GoldKacha is a simple and robust centrifugal gravity concentrator processing system which is driven by an electric 0.75 kW motor that can be connected to a small generator to allow for operation in remote areas. An even more viable option is to use our solar powered option. Material is slurried with water via the supplied screen. The concentrate is usually purged once every hour and requires further upgrade using equipment such as conventional gold panning or our highly effective GoldMasta Concentrate Upgrader.
Several GoldKachas can be implemented as a custom treatment facility, where the owner can hire them out and enable others to process their own material in a safe & simple way. Nesting several units also means that one operator can treat a larger tonnage of his own material. 
Following the GoldKacha, the GoldiloxTM system ensures there is no access to the concentrates generated during the run cycle. All concentrates are automatically discharged at pre-set intervals into a locked concentrate box sitting beneath the GoldKacha. The security cage and concentrates box are unlocked at end of day and the concentrate box is taken to the gold room for upgrading and smelting of the cons. The run time interval is pre-set by the mine operator and password protected. GoldiloxTM also logs run time to allow owners and operators to see a record of daily use and total use. 
Combined with APT’s alluvial and hard rock plants, small scale miners are now able to run a secure operation on a start-up budget with the peace of mind, knowing gold recovered remains yours. 

The novel centrifugal riffle principle results in high recovery of both coarse and fine precious metals.

The GoldKacha does not require clean water and is suited to all kinds of terrain and environmental conditions.

The GoldKacha is manufactured in-house, ensuring you fast delivery times while maintaining our high standards of quality.

Benefits - Heading Artisinal Development

Developed especially for small-scale mining applications to encourage growth & development. It offers a more sophisticated & mechanical solution to traditional sluices, whilst remaining easy to operate.

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Feedrate (tph)1-3
Nominal Feed Size (mm)3
Installed Power (kW Electric Motor)0.75
Water Requirement (m3/h)2-4
Typical Concentrate Weight (kg)8-10
Run Time between Conc. Washes (h)1
Weight [Machine/Shipping] (kg)89/109
Shipping Dimensions (L, W, H)1210mm, 900mm, 1470mm
"The simplicity of the GoldKacha makes it a very easy unit to achieve good percentage gold recoveries" - Neil Greenway | Director, Greenline Services   "I have used APT's GoldKacha on a variety of alluvial projects in the most adverse and remote locations around the globe and they have proven themeselves time again to be the ideal units for excellent recoveries in a multitude of applications. With their low operating costs and used in conjunction with the RG30 mobile configuration, the GoldKacha has been instrumental for assessing alluvial deposits and exploration. They are a must in any miners tool kit"- J. Aucamp | Mine Project & Development Consultant  
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To learn more about our GoldKacha Concentrators, please view our GroundBreaker flyer here: View APT's GroundBreaker Flyer
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