Field Assay Laboratories

APT's modular field assay laboratories are suited to medium and larger scale mining developments, allowing the exploration to be managed from start to finish from one convenient, mobile office laboratory. Flexibility to react quickly is now hugely important in the new mining industry. Good decisions are made not only upon good information, but in time with changing events. Containerised, convenient, fast analyses make a great partner to nimble slick operations. Our Trans locatable and fully comprehensive field assay laboratories are geared specifically for bulk minerals exploration, gold exploration and CIP/CIL monitoring. These setups ensure that within a day you can easily setup in any location and with minimal time wastage just as easily move to the next.

The Field Assay Laboratories come fully equipped with fully operational air conditioners to allow for proper ventilation, running water connected to a sink, compressed air and electricity. The equipment is set up specifically to suit requirements, which means whether you are undertaking small scale or large scale ventures there is a setup available. Because of the setup it means that you can monitor and receive information directly upon recoveries which is not only time effective but also cost effective. Having fast information relay and being able to act fast is a big asset in today’s economy. As opposed to sending samples to be tested off site this setup sets you up as front runners in a vast industry.