Cyanidation used for optimal gold recovery has been reinvented with APT's CIP/CIL TriTank. APT strive to continuously deliver the latest in mineral processing technology to our customers, and the TriTank is the epitome of that.

As we continue to revolutionize the modular gravity recovery plant industry, our technology development division has been earnestly focusing on the cyanide recovery sector for the past 4 years. Together with Peacocke & Simpson, who pioneered triangular mixing tanks in the early 80’s, APT have now tested and commissioned novel triangular modular cyanide recovery units. Leaching of gold using cyanide is the most common chemical extraction method, but it was definitely not done in the safest and most efficient way until now. These triangular cyanidation tanks use up far less material and land footprint, whilst optimizing all the necessities. The TriTank is available in various sizes and is used for recovering gold in ores that are not readily treated using gravity and other physical processes. Examples include finely disseminated ores and previously treated tailings material.