RG30-T Wash Plant

The RG30-T is a mobile gold recovery plant and comprehensive exploration system. The design allows for optimal mobility so that you can move with your mineral resource.

The RG30-T comes fully equipped with everything required to begin production in as little time as 15 minutes. This system combines the RG30 scrubber, GoldKacha concentrator, GoldKonka Upgrader and GoldJigga Field Jig and ancillary equipment into a robust configuration, all of which fits onto a neatly designed trailer.

Material is fed into the RG30 scrubber where rock is separated from the clay. The feed from the RG30 scrubber is then passed to the GoldKacha concentrator via gravity, eliminating the need for additional pumps. Thereafter, the concentrates are fed manually into the GoldKonka for final gold upgrade of even the smallest gold particles. This eliminates the need for mercury. For larger gold nuggets and gemstones, the GoldJigga field jig is used to enable easy hand-pick recovery.

The whole system has a 3tph federate.

The RG30-T is the epitome of a simple, effective and fuss-free plant which can be set up & operational within just 15 minutes.

Durable plant & suited to all kinds of terrain and environmental conditions. Through rigorous testwork & iteration, this plant has proven itself as a robust & efficient solution.

The RG30-T was built with mobility in mind. The plant is designed to be transported on its own trailer.

The RG30-T is manufactured in-house, ensuring you fast delivery times while maintaining our high standards of quality.

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ModelRG30 / RG30-T
Throughput (tph)2-3
Installed Power (kW)3.5
Water Required (m3/h)4
Max Feed Size (mm)75
Plant Footprint (m)2.5 x 2.5

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