RG30 Wash Plant

The RG30 gold recovery plant is part of our GroundBreaker range and allows for washing and gold concentration to take place at a much smaller scale. This plant incorporates one of our RG scrubbers with our GoldKacha concentrator, allowing for optimal washing and gold recovery to occur in one neat, modular package. This is beneficial to entry-level miners and for exploration purposes.

The RG30 is used where clay and sand are present. The RG scrubber separates the rock from the clay with ease, and screens the material to a size of less than 3mm. Firstly, material is fed into the RG Scrubber, where it is washed and screened before being fed into the GoldKacha. The GoldKacha then concentrates the material, and prepares it for final upgrade via the GoldKonka Concentrates Upgrader.

These plants are environmentally conscious, using gravity as opposed to mercury or harmful chemicals. All that is required is an area to place to place the plant and a reliable water source. APT solutions are designed with low energy requirements and can be run by a generator, making them independent off the grid and trans locatable. 

Designed in such a way that the bulk of the work-load is done by the plant, minimizing the knowledge required to run it effectively. On-site training & support is provided where required.

Durable plant & suited to all kinds of terrain and environmental conditions. Through rigorous testwork & iteration, this plant has proven itself as a robust & efficient solution.

The RG30 is manufactured in-house, ensuring you fast delivery times while maintaining our high standards of quality.

Designed to effectively break up tough clays to liberate the minerals within. This is imperative, particularly for gold recovery, otherwise you will not achieve optimal recoveries.

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ModelRG30 / RG30-T
Throughput (tph)2-3
Installed Power (kW)3.5
Water Required (m3/h)4
Max Feed Size (mm)75
Plant Footprint (m)2.5 x 2.5

"We've used an RG30 Scrubber for some time now. The Scrubber breaks down tenacious clay and screens all fines to the GoldKacha Concentrator which we find extremely efficient. A winning combination, thank you APT" - Henry Jenkins | CEO, Goldchip Investments 

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