Gold Processing Plants

Gold processing plant solutions by APT incorporate the RG Scrubber wash plant with the world renown FLSmidth-Knelson concentrator or APT's GoldKacha for optimal gold recovery. Both of these concentrators target the "free gold" present in the ore. Free gold refers to native gold that exists in the ore that is fairly coarse (greater than 50 micron) and not bound to any other minerals. This gold is can be easily recovered by using its density, which is significantly higher than that of the waste rock. The gold centrifugal concentrator can recover this free gold into a concentrate, which is collected and then further upgraded to produce a product that can be smelted directly, without using chemical processes.

Firstly, material is fed into the RG Scrubber where it is washed and screened before being pumped to the FLSmidth-Knelson or APT GoldKacha gravity concentrator. The oversize material leaves the scrubber on the discharge conveyor and is simply discarded. Concentrate clean-up and smelting facilities are provided in an on-site gold room, supplied by APT. These plants come pre-packaged, pre-wired and pre-plumbed, with all the necessary components to get started in as short a time-frame as possible. These plants range from Groundbreaker size (RG30 to RG100B), in mobile gold processing plants (RG30-T), through to large-scale placer mining operations (RG200 and above). Specifications for these plants are all shown below. In the instance where hard rock is present as well as alluvial material, a crushing circuit can be added on to our standard set-up and the plant is then known as a Combo. An example of the RG200 Combo can be viewed here and an RG100 Combo here

In instances where there is limited free gold present, the gold is often finely disseminated and bound to other minerals, usually a mineral sulphide such as pyrite. In these cases, the particles are too small to be able to make a gravity concentrate that is of high enough grade for direct smelting. However, gravity processes can still be used to pre-concentrate the ore into a smaller stream which can then be treated using a cyanide leach or other process. In these cases, APT would use the FLSmidth-Knelson CVD concentrator to produce the concentrate stream, and an APT TriTank for cyanide leaching. 

RG30 Wash PlantRG30


RG100B ScrubberRG100-B

RG100 ScrubberRG100

rg200 scrubberRG200

RG800 ScrubberRG800

RG2500 ScrubberRG2500

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ConcentratorGold Kacha2x Gold KachaKnelsonKnelsonKnelson2x Knelson
Throughput (tph)2-36-106-1015-2070-80200-250
Installed Power (kW)3.5202568170365
Water Required (m3/h)4121830120380
Max Feed Size (mm)75100150150150200
PackingCrate 1x40ft + 1x20ft1x40ft + 2x20ft2x40ft + 1x20ft2x40ft + 3x20ft + 1 Break BulkSubject to Destination
Plant Footprint (m)2.5x2.57x612x813.5x921x930x25
"We've used an RG30 Scrubber for some time now. The Scrubber breaks down tenacious clay and screens all fines to the GoldKacha Concentrator which we find extremely efficient. A winning combination, thank you APT" - Henry Jenkins | CEO, Goldchip Investments "The combination of the RG100 with the Knelson MD12 concentrator is an excellent match. Even he most stubborn clays are disintegrated by the autogenous scrubbing action in the drum section (assuming correct feed rate), and this plant combo is excellent for processing of eluvial and alluvial ores, especially smaller high value deposits"- J. Duguid | Managing Director, Stillram Mining Co.p/l "We have been using the RG200 scrubber to process bauxite at our mine for 3 years. This machine has been used on a daily basis, and handles a constant feed of 15-20tph. It successfully breaks down the tough clay content and thoroughly cleans any hard rock content within the feed material. The RG200 very successfully screens and separates our target material (-3mm). We have had good after sales service from APT and are satisfied with the plant supplied"- J. Meikle | Director, Mina Alumina Lda
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To learn more about our Wash Plant Range, please view our Wash Plant flyer here: View APT's Wash Plant Flyer
Flowsheet: This is the standard RG Alluvial plant, RG100 Flowsheet: This is for standard free gold plants, but with ore that requires a mill as well to get the fine gold. RG100,200 and 800 scale. Flowsheet: This is the same as above, but with the Tritank added on as well to recover the non-free gold portion as well. RG100,200 and 800 size. The TT could be anything from a TT80 up to a TT500 or larger, depends on the ore and how much leaching it needs Flowsheet: This flowsheet is used for gold ores where there is a significant portion of free gold, as well a gravity-recoverable sulphide species. The batch Knelson will recover the visible yellow gold, while the CVD and Spirals circuit will produce a high-grade concentrate for further treatment. These circuits are often used where the cyanide leaching can't be used on site (permitting regulations etc) so a concentrate is produced which can be transported off site for sale or further treatment. Flowsheet: Standard free gold plant, but the basic RG100 process with GK instead of Knelson Flowsheet: This would be used on the RG200B, using a Knelson instead of a GK. Flowsheet: Standard free gold plant for RG2500 Flowsheet: Standard free gold plant with crushing circuit (for hard rock) as well. RG100 and RG200 size