Small-Scale Hard Rock Grinder (Roc Smasha)

Hard rock grinding has been made simple through the introduction of APT's RocSmasha, and it is particularly unique because it is sold with the GoldMasta sluice and 2 panning dishes at an extremely affordable price that is unmatched in the mining industry. We were able to achieve this through engineering this plant to be of a minimalist design that is robust and effective at grinding and mineral recovery. This is a small scale hard rock grinding plant which allows for a maximum feed size of 20mm and a throughput of 50 to 100 kg per hour. This hard rock grinding and mineral recovery plant is therefore cost effective, fully mobile and simple to use. 

Material is fed by hand into the feed chute and is ground via a hard rock grinding mechanism. The ground rock is discharged below and passed over the GoldMasta sluice where your material is upgraded and prepared for panning and final mineral liberation. 

This hard rock grinding and mineral recovery plant is part of APT's GroundBreaker division, catering to miners who are exploring, small scale and artisanal miners. The RocSmasha combination plant is available on APT's online store, where you can purchase mining equipment online should you know what you require and want your equipment in a quicker time-frame than is generally catered to within the mining industry.

We welcome you to contact us with any further questions you may have. 

Easy to use, effective at grinding. 

This leads to preferential liberation of minerals at a relatively coarse size. 

Can be used for small mining to replace manual operations. 

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Feedrate (kg/h)50-100
Power Requirement (kW) 3
Water Requirement (m3/h)Dry or wet milling
Maximum Feed Size (mm)20

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To learn more about our Groundbreaker range, including the Roc Smasha, please view our GroundBreaker flyer:

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