Alluvial & Hard Rock Plant (RG Combo)

APT's RG Combo plants allow you to go from mining just alluvial material with our standard gold or bulk mineral wash plants to mining both alluvial and hard rock material. In essence, the standard RG Scrubber plant is combined with our standard JCRD plant, giving you what we call a Combo plant. This modular solution has been designed to be simple to run, neatly set-up and efficient at recovery. 

Firstly, rubble material is fed into the scrubber where it is washed and screened. The clean oversize material gets fed to the hard rock crushing circuit where it is crushed down to sized and pumped along with the washed material to the required recovery circuit. We have a variety of videos on our alluvial and hard rock plants, an example of the RG200 Combo can be viewed here and an RG100 Combo here

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Throughput (tph)6-1015-2070-80
Installed Power (kW)2568170
Water Required (m3/h)1830120
Max Feed Size (mm)150150150
Packing6x40ft + 1x20ft7x40ft + 1x20ft10x40ft + 1x20ft + 1 Break Bulk


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