Mercury Replacement for Gold Extraction – GoldFix

We have developed a new method for gold extraction and recovery from black sands and other material, an alternative mercury-free method, the GoldFix™. After research and development, testwork and engineering, we have gone a step further and have developed an actual replacement for mining with mercury which is used subsequent to panning and prior to smelting.  In keeping with safety-in-mining practices, it is a natural compound which is easily recyclable and reusable. Unlike mining with mercury, which is detrimental to the environment and human heath, the GoldFix™ compound is non-toxic to humans and does not negatively impact the environment. GoldFix™ is perfect for artisanal miners and for increased gold recoveries, we recommend using it in combination with small-scale mining equipment such as the GoldKacha.

The GoldFix™ process takes you from concentrate to smelted nugget in 6 simple steps. Firstly, the gold concentrate is panned until a gold tail appears. A small portion of green GoldFix™ is then rolled into ball and rolled over the gold tail until it appears yellow, covered with gold. This process is repeated with several balls of GoldFix™ until a sufficient amount of or all gold has been removed. The balls of GoldFix™ are then placed into the metal cup provided and boiling water is added until there is a sufficient amount to melt all the GoldFix™. Once the GoldFix™  has all melted, more hot water is added until all the molten GoldFix™   flows out leaving you with clear water. The gold at the bottom of the cup is removed and once you have gathered a sufficient amount can be smelted in a smelting furnace where any excess goldfix is burnt off. There you have it, your golden nugget. 

Mercury Free Benefit

Zero mercury, zero hazardous materials, all gold.

Benefits - Environmentally Friendly

GoldFix™ is not harmful to the environment or its users, although it is not safe for human consumption.

Benefits - Heading Artisinal Development

Developed for small-scale mining applications to encourage safety in mining without compromising on recoveries, but enhancing them.

GoldFix™  is manufactured in-house, ensuring you fast delivery times while maintaining our high standards of quality.


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