Hydraulic Jig Concentrator – GoldJigga

The hydraulic jig concentrator of choice is APT's GoldJigga. This is a manual hydraulic jig concentrator used to concentrate coarse nuggets of gold from coarse (+3mm) oversize material. The material is placed in a basket with a screen base and manually jigged in a tank of water. The basket is then removed and inverted into a tray, and the coarse gold nuggets and/or gems, which have concentrated at the base of the basket, can be picked out by hand. 

This jig is highly durable, being made of metal, and has proven to be effective through in-house testwork and research and development studies performed. It can be used in the most remote of locations as it does not run with any kind of electricity due to it being operated manually by an individual. The GoldJigga hydraulic jig concentrator is best suited to artisanals, exploration miners or start-up miners. It is part of our GroundBreaker range and is therefore available for purchase through our online store, or alternatively contact us with any questions you may have. 

The GoldJigga is simple to use, highly efficient and effective

Hand-held and compact, this jig can be used anytime, anywhere.

The GoldJigga is manufactured in-house, ensuring you fast delivery times while maintaining our high standards of quality.

The coarse material is removed by hand, enabling you to also visualize your recoveries as you go.

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Power SupplyNot Required
Basket Capacity (kg)5-7

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

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