Fine Gold Recovery – GoldKonka Box

A common question people ask is how do you pan for gold effectively and what are the preferred fine gold recovery methods? In response to these questions, we developed the GoldKonka Box which is a simple and highly effective solution for fine gold recovery that serves as a final gold upgrade solution. It was designed as a mercury free solution for concentrate upgrades.

Concentrates are fed over 3 consecutive gold sluice trays (see our GoldMasta for individual gold sluice equipment) with water and the heavy gold-bearing particles are caught on the surface of each tray. The concentrate from the trays are then washed off with water onto the two wash basins. The material left in these basins is then smelted using the APT smelter furnace. 

These plants are a standard size, and several GoldKonka Boxes can be used at once to allow you to process more material. This allows for several people to upgrade their material more swiftly and efficiently. This method is safer to the miners and their environment. Recovery is higher and a greater profit is made.

The GoldKonka utilizes the sluice principle to obtain very high upgrade ratios.

The IPJ has flexible operating and machine variables that allow it to be adapted to suit your specific ore processing needs.

The GoldKonka is manufactured in-house, ensuring you fast delivery times while maintaining our high standards of quality.

Benefits - Heading Artisinal Development

Developed especially for small-scale mining applications to encourage growth & development. It offers a more sophisticated & mechanical solution to traditional sluices, whilst remaining easy to operate.


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