Flotation – TriFloat

Flotation equipment has been revolutionized and made available with the introduction of APT's new flotation system that we have called the TriFloat. This flotation system is based around groups of float cells arranged in a circular tank. The TriFloat consists of six float cells, each individual cell fitted with impellers, air spargers and froth launders. The circular arrangement with adjacent cells sharing a tank wall offers a compact float circuit with less piping between cells and a smaller footprint. The cells can be arranged in various configurations depending on the mineral, throughput and float characteristics of the operation, allowing a TriFloat tank to be used as a complete rougher, cleaner and scavenger system, or for any portion of this circuit. 

APT’s triangular mixing vessels have been proven to offer better mixing in slurry applications, resulting in greater efficiency for reactions and a greater uniformity within the tank. This results in fast flotation kinetics and better recoveries over conventional systems. 

The Trifloat system can be used on sulphide, oxide or silicate minerals, and is particularly suited to high-yield flotation circuits, such as graphite recovery. Currently, continuous operation Trifloat plants are available for small scale operations up to 1tph, and laboratory tests on bench scale unit cells are also available.

Faster kinetics allowing for a smaller tank volume 

Higher yield capacity. 

Compact construction. 

On smaller units, common drive for multiple cells. 

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"The APT TriFloat is an exciting new product to enter the mineral processing world, and promises to offer a better processing option, particularly for the medium and small scale operators who are often overlooked by conventional mineral processing technology providers." - Martin Conibear | Plant Design Manager
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To learn more about our TriFloat flotation equipment, please view our flyer below: View TriFloat Flyer
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