Flotation Cells

Flotation cells are available the APT way. Our whole approach stems from challenging the conventional and revolutionizing the future. Our research and development facility is therefore constantly testing what exists, and creating what is to come. Mining technologies out there have remained somewhat conventional; the design and engineering of these plants is based on concepts that already exist and simply improving those rather than creating an entirely new concept that far ahead of the conventional. APT's first major success in this was the introduction of our TriTank cyanidation system. In a nutshell, the TriTank has changed the conventional cyanidation system design by placing 6 triangular tanks into one cylindrical tank, reducing land footprint and building materials required as well as enhancing mixing and dissolution rates. For more on the TriTank and its benefits, please visit the website page for it here. After seeing how well the TriTank design did, we applied the principles behind it to flotation cells and we are proud to bring you APT's new TriFloat flotation system.