Modular CIP / CIL Cyanidation Tritank

APT encourages mining safely and efficiently, whilst not compromising on but rather enhancing recovery. For this reason, we developed a better way of using cyanidation as a gold extraction process, also known as cyanide mining.

Our Tritank design is a step away from conventional methods, with a triangular design having been adopted as opposed to the out-dated circular design. Vigorous testing took place, and the results showed more ideal mixing leading to superior solid suspension and gold dissolution and higher dissolved oxygen levels. The well-sealed motor design ensures oil spillages into slurry are minimized and thus metallurgical performance is enhanced. The design also uses a smaller land footprint and less construction materials. The Tritank can be relocated to multiple sites, reducing "mine-to-process" transport costs. 

These tanks have a wide range of applications and can be setup for Carbon-In-Pulp (CIP), Carbon-In-Leach (CIL), or Carousel operation. The mixing profile is so much better in tests and in practice, that the design has completely eliminated the need for baffles which present a large amount of hassles in circular tank operation.

Indeed, there is nowhere to put them. The mixing mechanism results in more rapid leach kinetics for a smaller plant or a higher throughput.

This allows pulp flow to be directed from any sector to any sector, even from stage 1 to 6, without long launders. This allows any sector to be taken offline for maintenance, or the plant to be operated in carousel mode.

What is conventionally achieved through 6 separate, large tanks is now achieved through one tank sectorialized into 6 compartments.

The hexagon shape results in 27% less footprint than 6 circular tanks of equivalent volume (1/1 H/D ratio). This impacts ground space but also on foundations, bunds, decking, cable runs & pipe runs, & more.

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Total Volume (m3)2176196297515
Solids Throughput (tph)8h residence time1.56152340
24hr residence time0.525813
Dimensions of 6-sector UnitDiameter (m)
Height (m)
Installed Power (kW)1 unit - CIL7.5305585110
"I would have no hesitation in recommending the APT TriTank system to anyone considering slurry cyanidation, it is a paradigm ahead of the old tank system" - Paul Mitchell | Max Mine "We constructed two TriTanks at our Eldorado mine to retreat tailings. The plant operated for 7 years and was the least problematic of any plant I have ever built and worked. We never dug out a tank. After a power cut, usually not more than 30 minutes, the plant was re-started and within minutes the pulp was back in suspension. Agitation was superb resulting in rapid dissolution and effective washing of the carbon off the horizontal carbon screens. In conclusion, the triangular agitator is far superior to anything that has ever been built" - John Skinner | Previously Group Projects Manager for Lonrho
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Flowsheet: Free gold recovery using the TriTank