Mining Videos

We have put together a range of videos for you to better understand APT and our equipment. APT encourages you to browse over our videos to learn more about our equipment, whether you're a seasoned large-scale miner, an artisanal miner, or simply looking to start up your own operation.

We have showcased several mining equipment videos, particularly how our mining equipment works: gold mining videos, mineral videos, fine gold recovery, the rock crusher, the fine gold recovery table, the FLSmidth Kneslon, and several others. 


 About APT

Modular Mining Equipment | Growth | APT

We are growing rapidly, but that does not mean we are becoming like every other company. Take a look at this video to see our new Head Office and what we envision for the future!

Modular Mining Equipment | Business & Mining Equipment | APT

As the 2016 year comes to a close, we are reflecting on who we are as a company and where we are headed in the future. Most people fail to succeed in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit. Always prepare and strive for the best, 2017 here we come! 

Modular Mining Equipment | About | APT

APT engineer and supply modular mineral processing plants catering to the small and larger scale mining industry. This video shows what we are all about and gives you a view of what we are all about. 


RG30-T 3tph FULLY MOBILE Alluvial Wash Plant - a great prospecting tool

This plant combines an RG30-T scrubber with a Knelson concentrator on a trailer frame for supreme mobility. As part of the RG range, this washing solution deals well with heavy clays and medium rock loads.

RG200 Combo Plant for Gold Recovery 

In this video we're re-visiting an RG200 Combo Wash Plant site. The APT team build, install and commission these plants in as short a time-frame as possible. Once the plant arrives on site you will be in production in just a matter of days. 

RG100 Combo Plant for Gold Recovery 

In this video we're re-visiting an RG100 Combo Wash Plant site. This one was recently installed and commissioned, and done so quickly and successfully in true APT style.  

Goldilox on site with the RG30: store gold bearing concentrates safely 

A snippet from site of our Golidlox system operating in conjunction with the RG30 Scrubber. The Goldilox facilitates an automated flush of the GoldKacha concentrator, and stores the concentrates in a secured lock box for collection at the end of the shift. Now you can have peace of mind that your gold is right where you left it👌🏼

RG Scrubber Wash Plant for Chrome Recovery

Due to the high current prices being fetched for bulk minerals such as tin, tantalite, chrome etc, a large opportunity has arisen for small to medium scale bulk mineral miners. This video details the operation of the APT chrome solutions for small to medium scale miners.

RG Scrubber Alluvial Wash Plant for Gold Recovery

In this video, free gold is recovered from an alluvial ore by using an RG800 Scrubber, Knelson Concentrator & Gemini Table. A smeltable gold product is obtained without the use of chemicals or mercury. 


TriFloat Floatation System 

Here is a short demonstration using the TriFloat flotation system, and telling you a little more about this smart module. 


TriTank Cyanidation Plant On Site With APT 

Located in the interior of East Africa is a 40tph APT Tritank Gold Processing Plant. We filmed the commissioning process and put together a quick video to allow you to follow along. 

TriTank TT20 Cyanidation Plant On Site With APT 

Here in Southern Africa we just installed and commissioned this TriTank TT20 modular cyanidation plant. Thank you to the installation and commissioning team for capturing this short and informative video, it's exactly what you would see if you visited this mine site yourself. Hope you enjoy!

Introducing the APT TriTank  

The APT Tritank is a step away from the conventional and a breakthrough in the cyanidation method of gold recovery. The distinguishing feature of this plant is its triangular design, which was adopted as opposed to the out-dated circular design due to the proven enhancement in mixing and greater gold dissolution rates. 


"A Real GoldKacha"- G.Valerio interviews J.Aguti  

In this video Greg Valerio (jeweller and activist interviews J.Aguti on how the GoldKacha has impacted her life and those around her. As always, it is great to hear this news! 



Ecological Fairtrade Gold: another step forward 

Greg Valerio (jeweller and activist has seen first-hand the impact that the GoldKacha has, and its potential to influence the small-scale mining sector. Here is a video in which Mr Valerio shares his opinion on the GoldKacha concentrator. 



How a Knelson semi-continuous / batch concentrator works

This animation explains step-by-step how the world-renowned Knelson gravity recovery system works. To learn more visit Knelson's website.​

GoldKacha and GoldMastsa: from concentrate to upgrade easily 

The GoldKacha and GoldMasta mining starter kit fit neatly to effectively concentrate and upgrade your material as quickly and efficiently as possible. The plant can be run on a small generator and moved fairly easily, allowing you to follow your gold or mineral resource. 



How a Continuous Variable Discharge (CVD) Knelson works

This animation explains step-by-step how the world-renowned Knelson gravity recovery system works. To learn more visit Knelson's website.



 Hard Rock Plants

RocSmasha - modular hard rock crushing plant

APT's RocSmasha is fully equipped for recovery and is used in combination with our GoldMasta upgrader. Here's a look at this plant in operation. No hassle, just set up and start!

RDGK Trailer Small Scale Hard Rock Plant 

Today we ran a sample for a client through the RDGKT hard rock crushing and gold recovery plant. Here's how it went and a little more about this plant. 

The RDGK15 - 1.5tph gold recovery plant

The RDGK is a 1.5tph plant that combines the RD fine grinder with the GoldKacha centrifugal mineral concentrator in one convenient modular package. The concentrate produced by either plant typically requires further upgrade utilising either conventional panning methods or the supplied Gemeni upgrade table.

RDGK Small Scale Hard Rock Plant 

This brief clip shows how the RDGK works and the basics of the crushing concentrator module. 

Scotland Mining Plant 

This Plant was designed and engineered by Appropriate Process Technologies and installed and commissioned in Scotland. It was one of our favorites to date! 

 Upgrade Modules

Shaking Upgrade Table for Gold Recovery

In this video the shaking table for precious mineral recovery is run on site. The shaking table produces a smeltable very high-grade product & operates without mercury. It is environmentally friendly and easy to operate.

GoldFix For Gold Recovery

APT's gold picking compound is entirely new to the industry and is now available after being tried and tested in-house and in the field. We always strive for innovation and this gold picking compound is nothing short of spectacular! This video shows a little more about how it works, but to see it in reality, step into our offices and we'll give you a live demonstration.