Mineral Testwork

Mineral testwork mining

“APT always recommend undertaking mineral testwork before beginning any mining project, as we know that the ore dictates the terms and each and every ore is different”

APT's associated ISO9001:2015 mineral testwork laboratory, Peacocke & Simpson, undertake extractive metallurgical testing services using all common processes such as gravity concentration, pulp or heap leaching and flotation, and some not so common processes such as pressure attrition leaching, and hybrid gravity recovery / heap leaching. Peacocke & Simpson have been in operation since 1985 and are well versed in any mineral testwork application. 

Our emphasis is on enhanced gravity recovery, both semi-batch and continuous. Our philosophy - if it can be done with water and power alone, why introduce chemistry to test ore? We pride ourselves on innovation, and on going beyond where gravity recovery has gone before. There is no point in negatively impacting the environment when there is an even better solution. 

Where chemistry is necessary however, we do undertake leaching, flotation or other tests, either independently, in comparison with gravity recovery, or as a peripheral or downstream process with gravity recovery.

We also work closely with Knelson Gravity Solutions - acknowledged world leader in enhanced gravity recovery equipment - and provide valuable R&D services to the company. Both of our laboratories are equipped with the very latest Knelson technology, including KC-CVD Continuous Discharge pilot plants.​

We also cater for more traditional gravity methods such as spirals, shaking tables and mineral jigs, but our gravity emphasis is not only on gold. It also extends to platinum group elements (the largest installation of Knelson Concentrators in the world is on platinum), industrial minerals such as chromite, by-product precious metals from base metals, and even metal sulphides. We cater for all minerals - whatever the process.


The tests that we perform include:

  • Flotation Tests - including compatibility with gravity and ultrafine grinding processes.
  • Fire Assays - including total fusion analysis.
  • Microscopy & sample photography
  • Knelson-Deswik Ultrafine Grinding Tests 
  • Gravity Amenability Tests (GAT)
  • Gravity Recoverable Gold (GRG) test procedures
  • X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis​
  • Bottle Roll, Heap Leach and Mechanically Agitated Leaching Tests - including Carbon Adsorption (CIP/CIL) feasibility tests

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