Field Exploration

Modular Field Assay Laboratory & Packaged Exploration Units 

Field Exploration Kit

The APT Field Exploration Kit comes with everything fully packaged and ready to go! The kit comes in the form of an RG30-T

The RG30-T combines the APT RG30 scrubber/wash plant, our GoldKacha concentrator and GoldKonka upgrader all in one compact, mobile trailer. 

Once you reach your site, you simply unpack your trailer and you are on the road to recovery in just 15 minutes.

 mobile mining equipment

Modular Field Assay Laboratory

The Field Assay Laboratory is for larger mining developments, allowing the exploration to be managed from start to finish from one convenient, mobile office laboratory provided by APT.

Flexibility to react quickly is now hugely important in the new mining industry. Good decisions are made not only upon good information, but in time with changing events. Containerised, convenient, fast analyses make a great partner to nimble slick operations.

modular field assay laboratory