Mobile Beach Cleanup & Mercury Remediation Modules

The RG30-T

Safe mining practices are encouraged, from wearing protective gear when you are on the mine site to protect yourself, to protecting the environment in which you are mining. In the latter instance, APT have not simply eliminated the need for harmful chemicals; here, we go a step further in that our equipment can be used as environmental cleanup modules. The RG30-T wash plant was designed with environmental clean-up in mind and can be used to decontaminate beaches and other areas. This plant can be set up quickly and easily. All components fit neatly onto a trailer, which also allows for optimal mobility. Ultimately, this plant is a fully mobile version of the RG30 Scrubber. Other advantages of this plant include superior separation and recovery ability. If you are focused on mineral recovery alone rather than waste removal, this plant does not require the use of mercury or any harmful chemicals as gravity is the preferred and more effective method. 

In all, due to its design, the RG30-T is not limited to mineral recovery and can in fact be used as an environmental cleanup module; from contaminated beaches to shooting ranges, the RG30-T can recover vast amounts of unwanted material. We've just skimmed over the details, but if you want to know more please do not hesitate to contact us

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The GoldKacha

The RG30-T scrubber is not only using in mineral recovery instances, but also as an environmental cleanup module. Part of this mining plant incorporates the APT GoldKacha. When recovering minerals, the leading feature of this mineral concentrator lies in doing exactly what it was designed for; the concentration ability in recovering the finest gold and mineral particles. The lesser known gem in this, however, is the GoldKacha's ability to remediate mercury from your material. This is of great significance as this plant was designed with artisanal and smaller scale miners in mind with the aim to not only bring them a 'safe' mercury free mining solution, but a solution that solves the problems they face. The biggest problem with mercury for artisanals is not that it is detrimental to their health and environment; miners often use mercury even knowing the hazards that come with its use because they do not know of a more viable alternative. The solution is giving these miners a plant which provides greater recoveries than mercury, and the GoldKacha is that solution. Not only are recoveries higher as more material is processed thoroughly, but the other benefit is that this mineral concentrator is also a mercury remediation plant. The miners then increase profits safely and efficiently, whilst reducing damage to the environment at the same time. 

Artisanal miners are supplied equipment such as the GoldKacha in nesting units or at processing facilities. This allows several miners to process their material easily, effectively and efficiently and new doors are opened for them. 

Mercury free, safer to the environment, yet abundant in gold! 

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