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Scotland Mining: Scotgold Commissioned In Record Time

Scotland mining recently took a step forward with the successful installation and commission of a pilot plant APT engineered and built for Scotgold Resources Limited, a mine located near the picturesque Scottish village of Tyndrum. Although small, the plant marks a significant milestone for the company in that actual production is envisaged. The plant was[…]

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Modular: Smart Not Small!

APT are specialists in the engineering and supply of modular mineral processing plants that begin at a very small mining scale, and increase in size and capacity to suit mid-tier and larger mining developments. A common misconception that we come across is that the term ‘modular’ means small in size and capacity, when in actuality,[…]


APT GoldKacha – A machine for just about anyone

Whether you are an artisanal miner looking to break into the market on a budget, or an investor looking to do some exploration before your next big spend, the APT GoldKacha will most likely earn a place somewhere in your mineral processing plan. The APT GoldKacha is a centrifugal gravity mineral concentrator, designed as part of[…]


Gold, An Easy Target

With an internationally fixed price, an infinite market and being a small volume end product, the pluses for gold relative to other metals are strong. What is normally not appreciated is just how simple it is to recover this shiny prize in in the majority of cases. Yes, we all know about deep level refractory[…]

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GOLDFIX For Non Toxic & Efficient Gold Recovery

A recent addition to APT’s GroundBreaker range of Gold Mining products is a non toxic, recyclable, natural compound, developed and tested in house, which we have named ‘GoldFixTM ’. The GroundBreaker range is designed to be mercury free, and is widely used, particularly in places where environmental impact is a consideration. Mercury has, in the past, been the method commonly used[…]

RG100C Alluvial Gold Recovery Plant

Gold Alluvial Plant On Sale, Fully Assembled and Ready To Run!

This gold alluvial plant on sale boasts simple-to-use washing, scrubbing and mineral recovery components. It can process 6-10tph of alluvial/elluvial material, and although this particular one shown in the image below is for gold recovery, this plant can also recover a variety of minerals by simply having the upgrader changed, should you wish. The mineral recovery[…]

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100% Mercury Free Gold Processing Plants

APT has begun 2016 by establishing, in association with their active agents in East Africa, Borassus, a number of 100% mercury free gold processing plants.  The efficiency of this particular method of processing is attracting intense local interest from local artisanal miners.  Interested miners have queued for as long as 48 hours at demonstrations of the[…]

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The gold price is good

Gold price is a topic of concern for all miners, and right now for very many projects, the statement that the gold price is good rings absolutely true. If the cost of production is below the gold price, then a project is technically viable and the wider the margin the more so. Pretty obvious, but sentiment around[…]

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Solution For Listed Juniors?

APT have long since realized that there needs to be a solution for listed juniors. More than ever before the hurdles necessary to bring a new mining project on line, or to expand an existing one are daunting. Listed Juniors deserve a medal for their efforts and a good deal of recognition is owed for the often[…]

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Containerised Laboratory Services

The latest trend in the mining and minerals industry is a move towards the design and construction of modular or containerised laboratories in order to ensure that the client has at his disposal a full scope of capabilities for the fast turn-around of accurate and reliable data, explains Gary McFarlane, business development at APT Processing.[…]