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Here you will find a list of our favorite mining articles that we have published over the years. To see the most recent and full collection of APT articles, please view our mining blog page.

mining in the snow

GoldKacha Gold Concentrator: Mining Around The World With APT

The GoldKacha concentrator was one of the first plants introduced by APT and forms the basis of our GroundBreaker range. Over time, this 3 tonne per hour gold concentrator and recovery plant has evolved in accordance with clients’ requirements, environmental conditions and the current mining conditions. The GoldKacha has made its mark in various locations[…]

mining questions answers

Mining Week in Review: frequently asked questions

As mining equipment engineers and suppliers, we often get asked various questions relating to our mining equipment as well as common themes or misconceptions within the mining industry as a whole. We often answer these questions on our social media pages, namely Instagram and Facebook, but incase you missed it here is the past mining week[…]

hard rock mining plant

Small Scale Alluvial and Hard Rock Mining Equipment: APT RDGK

This equipment focus will feature APT’s RDGK alluvial and hard rock mining plant, a small scale mining solution incorporated within APT’s GroundBreaker range. “I have worked with a team to make the RDGK15 into a very competent gold recovery pilot plant. The gold recovery plant is highly portable and was run as a product/pilot plant.[…]

goldkacha and sluice in tanzania

Gold Mining Equipment in South Africa and Beyond | mining week in review

This week we got feedback from several clients on their gold mining equipment, operating in South Africa and its neighboring countries. Seeing gold mining equipment on site helps create a vision for future mining endeavors if you are new to mining or new to our mining equipment, and we strive to be as transparent as[…]

on a mine site

Alluvial & Hard Rock Modular Mineral Processing Plant: APT Combo

In this article we’re showing you our alluvial and hard rock RG Combo plants, ranging in size from 10tph through to 80tph. These plants can process both alluvial and hard rock material, efficiently washing, crushing and processing gold and bulk minerals, depending on your requirements. Below is a model of the plant, followed by the[…]


Small Scale Piloting/Concentrate Treatment 20m^3 APT TriTank, the TT20

Since APT launched our small scale piloting/concentrate treatment 20m^3 TriTank, the TT20, several have been manufactured, installed and commissioned on various mine sites. The results have been impressive and we are very proud of this cyanidation plant! Here is more on this piloting/concentrate treatment plant. Ores do not respect scale, the metallurgical requirements for a[…]

hard rock mining equipment

APT Awarded Modular JCRD100 10 Tonne Per Hour Gravity Gold Recovery Plant to Ghana

APT has been awarded an order for a JCRD100, a hard rock 10 tonne per hour gravity gold recovery plant, heading to Ghana. The client asked for a fast track supply, ergonomic plant to cater for oxidized hard rock free gold on a surface deposit. Emphasis was placed upon having a plant design with a[…]

small scale gold recovery plant APT RG30-T

Small Scale Gold Recovery Plant On Site | One Minute With APT

APT is inviting you to view a gold recovery plant on site as part of our ‘One Minute On Site’ video series. Through these on site videos we aim to show you what it is really like on a mine site and how APT’s mining equipment operates in reality so that you have an idea[…]


APT TriTank® Cyanidation System: the advantages

This article will focus on the TriTank benefits; a system introduced by professional metallurgical engineers, APT. Cyanide dissolving gold is a reaction, just like dissolving sugar in your tea. The better mixed your slurry, the more cyanide is dissolved and the faster it dissolves. Why is this so important? There are some very logical reasons:[…]


Mercury Remediation on Contaminated Mining Sites Possible with APT’s GoldKacha

Leading from our previous article congratulating Zimbabwean mineral testwork laboratory, Peacocke & Simpson, for their achievement in gaining their ISO 9001:2015 certification, we wanted to show an example of the work we have had done in our research and development phase and the significance of it today. This particular testwork report was done in 2010[…]