Gravity Recovery is the recovery of minerals by using gravitational force, which causes physical bodies to attract each other with a force proportional to their masses. Gravity recovery makes use of the different relative mass of different minerals. To explain further, heavier materials experience a higher gravitational pull, so by creating gravity forces, heavier materials are pulled down. Gold is heavy, so therefore gold will travel away faster than other lighter material. An example of this would be on a jig, where the heavy gold particles will sink to the bottom and be trapped in the grid, whereas the lighter material will simply stay on the surface and be washed off. Different equipment has been developed to match the gravitational properties of your minerals and material.

Gravity is also used when performing mineral testwork and is not limited to use in the field. The use of gravity for mineral recovery is the oldest, most cost effective and environmentally friendly method preferred to recover minerals. Gravity recovery has become incredibly popular as opposed to the chemical alternative due to increase in environmental awareness and destruction, and threat to human life. It's effectiveness is also glaringly evident.

Examples of APT mining equipment that makes use of gravity include our GoldKacha centrifugal concentrator, spirals used for bulk mineral separation and even the well-known shaking tables. For more information on our mining equipment and gravity recovery mining modules, please contact us with all of your information and we will be happy to help. 

Fun fact: Formula 1 drivers can feel up to 5 times the force of gravity during braking, but over 100 times the force of gravity if in an extreme crash.