flotation recovery

Flotation recovery is used to separate minerals from gangue (waste material) by taking advantage of differences in their hydrophobicity. To elaborate, flotation is used to separate sulphides, carbonates and oxides before they are further refined. Phosphates and coal are purified with the flotation method. 

This is achieved after a product has become fine with the aid of crushers and ball mills. The fine product is pumped into different flotation cells, and chemicals are added. The chemicals mix with the product with the help of a rotor and impeller inside the flotation cell, causing air bubbles to form. The product attaches to the air bubbles and then ‘floats’ over the top of the flotation cells into launders. This is the product you want to recover. 

APT offers a modular flotation recovery system in our TriFloat. We have a video which provides a glimpse into how the system works, and you can watch that here. We also have an article which goes into much more detail on it, and you can read that here, as well as looking at any further information on the website page for the TriFloat here. Feel free to contact us for any further information. We are always only too happy to respond to your questions and assist  you in advancing your mining venture!