Mining Techniques

 Mining techniques and the most common terms used in the mining industry are covered here in our glossary. When mining, always remember that the ore dictates the terms. Mineral testwork is one of the first, and possibly the most vital, steps. If you are new to the mining industry and are unsure how to begin mining, this glossary may not be helpful for you. We would rather recommend you read through our guide to starting mining. This glossary was developed for those entirely new to the industry and is just a very basic guide. There is so much more that professionals need to assist you with where required. Here at APT, our engineers are highly skilled in their profession, not only those recently equipped with University degrees, but those who have decades of industry experience to couple with that. We are happy to share our knowledge with you if you are serious about your project and require professional input. Contact us with any queries and we look forward to assisting you!