Mining Spirals

Mining spirals usually come in a set and look like a stack of spiral shaped towers. Spirals are incorporated as part of your mining plant and work as the upgrade circuit. They operate vial centrifugal force and gravity and are highly effective in separating your required minerals from your waste material. Spirals are primarily used to recover bulk (heavy) minerals such as tantalite, chrome, tin and bauxite. 

Mining spirals can be used to separate slurry components by density. At the bottom of the spiral is a channel which separates the high and low density particles. Material is fed at the top of the spiral, and travels down with the force of water, hence spirals are sometimes referred to as wet spirals. As the material travels down the spiral, lighter particle minerals are thrown on the outer of the spiral, whilst heavier particles sink and remain on the inner channel of the spiral, thus the two are separated. If you look at pictures of mineral separation via spirals, you can see the difference in the material at the end of the spirals. 

APT prefer to do our own mineral testwork of your material so that we can establish thorough results, this is done through our associated laboratory Peacocke & Simpson. If it is established that you need spirals as part of our whole mining solution and what your expected recoveries predicted may be, we then come up with your full mineral processing plant proposal. This way you are fully equipped with everything you require to begin mining effectively and efficiently, in as short a time-frame as possible. For more on our bulk mineral mining solutions, you can visit our bulk mineral recovery modules product page. Please contact us and we will give you all the information you need to know to begin your mining endeavor.