Scrubbers and Trommels

scrubbers and trommels

Scrubbers and Trommels

Scrubbers and trommels are instrumental in the mineral recovery process. They are available in a variety of sizes and suited to a variety of applications. Here's more about them. 

Scrubbers are designed to break up alluvial gravels, clay and sand. They can handle stone washing, feeds with high clay content and difficult ore. 

Scrubbers process precious metals, base metal ores, minerals, aggregates, gravel and sand. This is done through rotation and the force of particles hitting each other. As the scrubber rotates slowly, the fines are churned along wiith the oversize and water. As a result, the soil matrix is broken and the target material is liberated. 

In contrast to conventional trommels, scrubbers have a breakage function similar to a ball mill, with added conventional washing and screening that would be done with a trommel. 

Trommels are designed for high performance screening, classification and grading application.

A trommel is a slightly inclined rotating metal tube with a screen at its discharge end. Lifter bars, sometimes in the form of bolted in angle iron, are attached to the interior of the rotating metal tube. The ore is fed into the elevated end of the trommel. Water, often under pressure, is provided to the trommel and screen sections and the combination of water and mechanical action frees the valuable minerals from the ore. The mineral bearing ore that passes through the screen is then further concentrated in smaller devices such as sluices and jigs. The larger pieces of ore that do not pass through the screen can be carried to a waste stack by a conveyer. 

 Trommels can be fitted to the end of a scrubber to screen the broken down material produced by the scrubber. 

APT's RG range incorporates the scrubbers and trommels into one neat, modular plant. They begin with our smallest plant which is part of our GroundBreaker range. The RG30 and RG30-T mining plants are our smallest, the latter being trailerised and fully mobile. They come with a concentration plant too, the APT GoldKacha, so you put in your material and out comes your concentrates ready for panning or upgrade on one of our upgraders. They are available for purchase through emailing us, or alternatively on our online store. The larger RG plants are available through email as they still need to be manufactured for your site, although our lead times remain very short.