Centrifugal Concentrator

Centrifugal Concentrators

Centrifugal Concentrators are designed to recover minerals based on their higher densities, which results in greater forces acting on them in a gravitational field. 

Material is fed into a rotating bowl, which provides a centrifugal force that allows heavier and more dense minerals to flow to the outer surface of the bowl while the lighter material will remain on the inner of the bowl. The outer surface of the bowl has grooves around its edge, allowing for heavy minerals to be trapped within these grooves. The inner of the bowl will contain the lighter gangue material which is simply washed out. The heavy minerals trapped around the bowls edge are now concentrates, and can be removed from the bowl for final upgrade.

APT make use of the GoldKacha Concentrator, which works in this same way. Material is fed by hand into the top of the bowl, and concentrates are produced within the bowl. These concentrates are washed off and fed through the GoldKonka concentrates upgrader and then panned for optimal gold liberation, or directly panned.