Frequently Asked Questions

Please can you send me a full catalogue and price-list for all your gravity recovery plants?

A: APT currently offers 62 different combinations of machines/plants to suit your particular ore and testwork parameters. Hence we prefer that you give us detailed information by filling out and emailing us a Plant Selection Sheet. We will then be able to select the most relevant solution for your needs and quote accordingly. Here on our website, you can view our prices for the plants within our GroundBreaker range on our online store, and even purchase them right there if you wish. The GroundBreaker range includes small scale crushers, concentrators and fully comprehensive mining solutions. For larger equipment, we do display our range of plants under the Mining Equipment section. This should be fairly simple to follow if you know your ore, needs and requirements. However, as mentioned, sometimes you need to know more about the plants and we need to know more about your environment in order to assist you in the most expert way possible. 

What utilities are required to operate APT processing plants?

A: Water: Our plants require that you have a large enough water source to slurry the feed material to 30 - 50% solids. Water is also required by our concentrators, upgrade tables & fines crushers. Electricity: All our plants have low energy requirements. Hence they are shipped with portable generators adequately sized to power the entire process solution. 

What recovery can I obtain using your plants &/or processing equipment?

Metallurgical properties of a particular ore are very influential as to how well the material responds to gravity recovery. Hence we recommend that prior mineral testwork is conducted through our associated laboratories since recoveries can vary greatly.

You will find it helpful to visit the testwork page to learn more. 

Should you have any other questions, we welcome you to contact us on (0027) 11 704 6678 or email us on info@aptprocessing.com