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Mining Equipment Manufacturers, Engineers and Suppliers in South Africa

Appropriate Process Technologies (APT) are mining equipment manufacturers, engineers and suppliers based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We supply equipment from there to the rest of the world and have sold more than 100 plants to date. Our story begins with Zimbabwean mineral testwork company, Peacocke & Simpson. This company has been in business since 1985 and in working here, we soon realized that the equipment necessary to implement our innovations simply didn't exist, or was inappropriate. APT was formed to address this need by manufacturing the mining equipment that was required without compromise. Everything is done in-house and we invite you to come and see the whole process of creating your mining equipment from start to finish, from being in our warehouse to on your site and getting you into production. 

As a piece of equipment is developed, or possibly even a complete plant, this then becomes available as a product that can be duplicated and supplied to the industry in general. This capability has been expanded to the extent that over forty off-the-shelf designs are now available as products that can be supplied to fit a wide range of needs.

The emphasis has been placed upon complete, modular, pre-assembled mining equipment solutions. Our engineering team are constantly engaged in design and development such that even if a client’s specific needs require a tailored solution, the majority of the engineering is likely to have already been completed. This results in a rapid cycle time with minimal added costs and a high degree of confidence in the solution.

The combination of in-house laboratories, own-manufacturing facilities and a highly innovative design team in-between gives APT a powerful capability to deliver a quality, advanced solution in the shortest possible time and at highly competitive rates.

"It is not our objective to become a large process engineering company like everybody else. Rather, our objective is to extend our winning formula into big projects into the wider industry. I believe we have and will continue to be at the forefront of this exciting drive into the future” - Kevin Peacocke (CEO)