zimbabwe mining equipment

Mine Equipment Demonstration: on site with APT’s Zimbabwe Agency

Zimbabwean Agents for APT recently took our RDGK to a site near the capital city, Harare, to run a mine equipment demonstration for no less than 70 small to medium scale miners. This demonstration was not only so that APT’s plant quality and efficiency could be seen by all, but also as an opportunity to spread[…]

Mining Insight: Small Innovators – Tomorrow’s Leaders

Nobody can doubt that the pace of change is accelerating. The tools that were once the preserve of large companies are now in virtually everybody’s hands – instant global communication, access to the internet, unlimited array of production options to purchase and implement. The driving forces are also there in the minerals industry and it[…]

Lithium Mining

Small Scale LITHIUM Mining Flotation Plants From APT

Lithium mining is on the rise and likely to be so indefinitely. No better time to get in, commence production and secure your market share. Things can grow, but APT’s modular start-up plants offer the perfect platform to commence the lithium mining process. Our mining equipment solutions are unique and smart. The target mineralization is[…]

Coarse GRAPHITE Recovery Success In APT’s TriFloat

Following our TriFloat launch, we caught up with one of our Process Engineers, Hannah Peacocke, to get an update on how the system is operating. Laboratory results upon an African medium flake graphite ore produce a very high grade coarse graphite concentrate, demonstrating the capability of the APT TriFloat system. “Bench and pilot scale flotation[…]

flotation cells

Modular Flotation System: TriFloat® is here!

Aimed specifically at the smaller to medium flotation market, APT has designed a modular flotation system that offers a number of unique advantages over conventional systems. Based upon APT’s tried and tested triangular configuration mixing vessel, TriFloat® utilizes the same high efficiency mixing to enhance flotation physics and hence rate. Watch the video for the TriFloat®[…]

small scale hard rock grinder plant

Small Scale Hard Rock Grinder and Upgrade Plant: APT RocSmasha

APT  have added an innovative, cost effective  new product to their Groundbreaker Range with this small scale hard rock grinder, the Roc Smasha. This small scale hard rock grinder offers a much larger range of miners the option of mechanical grinding. This means that more material can be processed increasing the probability for successful results.[…]


Entry level mining’s new dynamics: An artisanal approach

Mining across the globe has for very many years been stuck in a time warp at entry level. Most entry level artisanal miners are still relying on archaic methods of processing despite major technological advancement in this field. This is due to many factors. These artisanals have little spare means and in many cases may rely on[…]

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CATA Mine Tanzania Pours First Gold

CATA Mine in Tanzania, has produced their first gold pour and we at APT send them a hearty congratulations! The CATA gravity and cyanidation plant was supplied and installed by APT in response to the mine’s request to have the best technology available. APT responded with the supply of a gravity tower including the renowned[…]