mining equipment south africa

Mining Equipment in South Africa: who is APT?

Mining equipment in South Africa has taken on new heights with engineers and suppliers, APT. We have had many new visitors to our website and head office lately, but many do not know the extent of what we actually do. We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to anyone looking for mining equipment[…]

goldilox concentrates system

Automated & Secure Concentrates System: Introducing Goldilox

APT are proud to announce that we have developed an automated and secure concentrates system as an addition to the 3tph GoldKacha concentrator, known as GoldiloxTM. The secure purge system ensures there is no access to the gold concentrates generated during the run cycle, allowing for safe storage and enabling greater control over what happens during[…]

hard rock crushers

Hard Rock Processing Plants: APT mining industry insight

On our Instagram page, we don’t just post pretty pictures; we focus on specific mining related topics each week while providing information you may not have heard or answering questions we’re frequently asked. It’s exciting to see all the developments happening in the industry today so we wanted to share our equipment focus with you[…]

apt cyanide plants

APT Awarded TriTank Cyanidation Plant

APT are proud to announce that we have been awarded an order for our modular TriTank cyanidation plant, the Tritank TT20. This cyanidation plant will operate in central Africa and will be installed to recover gold from existing slimes. The TT20 is part of APT’s GroundBreaker division, which caters to the small scale mining industry[…]

groundbreaker mining

APT Awarded Multiple GroundBreaker Plant Orders

The GroundBreaker division caused a stir within the mining industry when it was first implemented several years ago and the flurry of orders we have been awarded of late prove that this division is not slowing down anytime soon. APT have always taken the approach of providing solutions to problems faced in the mining industry,[…]