flotation cells

Modular Flotation System: TriFloat® is here!

Aimed specifically at the smaller to medium flotation market, APT has designed a modular flotation system that offers a number of unique advantages over conventional systems. Based upon APT’s tried and tested triangular configuration mixing vessel, TriFloat® utilizes the same high efficiency mixing to enhance flotation physics and hence rate. Watch the video for the TriFloat®[…]

small scale hard rock grinder plant

Small Scale Hard Rock Grinder and Upgrade Plant: APT RocSmasha

APT  have added an innovative, cost effective  new product to their Groundbreaker Range with this small scale hard rock grinder, the Roc Smasha. This small scale hard rock grinder offers a much larger range of miners the option of mechanical grinding. This means that more material can be processed increasing the probability for successful results.[…]

mining equipment

CATA Mine Tanzania Pours First Gold

CATA Mine in Tanzania, has produced their first gold pour and we at APT send them a hearty congratulations! The CATA gravity and cyanidation plant was supplied and installed by APT in response to the mine’s request to have the best technology available. APT responded with the supply of a gravity tower including the renowned[…]

gemstone mining equipment

Gem Stone Recovery Plants From APT

Already well renowned for gold as well as gravity recovery of base metals, APT has designed and launched a series of plant designs for gem stone recovery. “Gemstones have various properties that enable separation and recovery, some have a higher SG than the gangue, like diamonds and rubies and can be separated by gravity techniques.[…]

cyanidation mining plants

Modular: Smart Not Small!

APT are specialists in the engineering and supply of modular mineral processing plants that begin at a very small mining scale, and increase in size and capacity to suit mid-tier and larger mining developments. A common misconception that we come across is that the term ‘modular’ means small in size and capacity, when in actuality,[…]

Small Scale Miner

“It’s A Real Fairtrade GoldKacha”- Greg Valerio (Jeweller & Activist www.valeriojewellery.com) shares his views on the GoldKacha

Artisanal mining activist Greg Valerio (jeweller and activist www.valeriojewellery.com) shared one woman’s experience using the APT GoldKacha and we are proud to now share it with you. The GoldKacha was created specifically for exploration purposes and artisanal mining/start-up mining development. Mr Valerio has seen first-hand the impact that the GoldKacha has, and its potential to[…]