Alluvial and Hard Rock Plant On Site: 1 Minute With APT

As with our 2 Minutes on Site with the CIL TriTank, we are now showing you a glimpse of our RG100 Combo Plant, processing hard rock and alluvial material for gold recovery. The video shows how the plant operates and the neat lay-out we have for it. This plant in particular was recently installed and commissioned in Africa and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

View the video here:

We try to keep our mining equipment videos short and sweet, allowing you to briefly experience a mine site and see it the APT way. If you would like more information on the APT RG100 Combo plant, please visit similar plants on our website; here you can find gold recovery options, and here bulk mineral recovery options. We welcome you to also email us with any further queries you may have or contact us through our website here.

Below are some pictures from the site.

mining alluvial and hard rock plant apt alluvial and hard rock plant alluvial and hard rock plant alluvial and hard rock plant mining

In case you missed it, our phone number has changed to (27) 10 035 1001 and we will be phasing out our old line within the next few weeks. 

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